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*Parents, please let me know if you plan to bring another family member or siblings to the session. In the fall/winter especially, I have a smaller studio room I use for newborns and can usually only fit 2 adults plus myself comfortably.

Newborn sessions are most successful when your baby is 4-16 days old. Premies and multiples  can be done later. The older babies get, the more aware and less curled they become. Also, colic and baby acne tend to set in after two weeks. However, I never turn away a newborn due to age! I can still capture amazing photos of your little one after 16 days old, they may  just be more alert or awake for the session, which i still adorable!

Preparing For Your Session:
– If you are breastfeeding, it is important that you avoid spicy or gas inducing foods for a minimum of 24 hours before your baby’s session. Acidic foods, certain vegetables, and spicy seasonings can upset your baby’s tummy and make falling into a deep sleep difficult. If possible, please pump a few ounces into a bottle to bring with you to the session. Babies tend to stir when they are being posed, so a little milk can help put them right back to sleep. If you are bottle feeding, please bring  formula and bottles for a 2 hour session.

– Please try and feed your baby as much as possible for the 12 hours leading up to your session. About 3 hours before your session, I recommend a full feeding. You will want to feed baby again right before you leave your home for the studio or once you arrive if needed.

– Keeping baby awake for 1-2 hours before the session is key to having a very sleepy baby. You can stimulate baby with a bath, or playing with them. Once baby is tired and given that last full feeding, we should see a nice, deep sleep.

– Bring baby to the studio in a basic sleeper. Nothing too tight that can leave marks on baby’s skin. Sleepers are great because they can be removed without disturbing sleep too much. Please do not dress your baby in a onesie, or anything that needs to be pulled over their head to remove.

– Whether your baby takes a pacifier or not, they can be essential for a newborn session.  The Advent soothie brand is best. They do not leave rings on baby’s face and they do not interrupt breastfeeding.  So please bring one, even if its just for the session.

- Be sure to bring extra diapers! Sometimes we go through 3-4, especially if the baby is being posed naked (I leave that up to your preference) If you are using cloth diapers please bring them in disposables, even if it just for the session. Cloth diapers are bulky and many of my newborn outfits, pants, etc  will not fit over them as they are designed to be worn without. I like to keep the diapers on for the 1st part of the session as many do not like being completely naked, I will then retry the poses with out if you desire. Disposables are also easier for faster cleanup =)

– Remember that the temperature inside the studio room is set to 80º. This is to keep baby comfortable, since they are usually naked. Please wear layers, so you do not overheat. It can get very warm especially in the summer months!

Circumcision and Belly Button Stumps:
– If you are planning on circumcising your baby boy, please schedule this for AFTER your newborn session. The area can be extremely sensitive for days after the procedure, making posing difficult. If you cannot wait, please be prepared to schedule your newborn session a minimum of 5 days after. Please keep this in mind when it comes to the recommended age for photographing babies.
– Belly button stumps are a part of your baby and do not affect my shooting schedule. However, if it bothers you for aesthetic reasons, please schedule your session accordingly.

– I encourage all parents to have portraits taken with their new baby. It’s a very special time for your family and you want to be a part of it! For wardrobe, simple is always best. I prefer parents to wear neutral colors, tans, whites, greys etc. Don’t worry about your mid section post baby because you won’t see that in the photographs. These are some of my very favorite portraits! I  usually complete all parent shots at the end of the session.

– Sibling portraits are done either at the beginning or end of the session. I recommend that older siblings dress in ivory dresses or ivory shirts/jeans. No specific shoes are required. Please let me know ahead of the session if you plan to do sibling photos.

*** Newborn sessions are very long and the studio is very cozy and warm. I ask that you have your spouse or a friend take your older children home or for an outing, while we complete the remainder of your session or have them dropped off at the end of the session. This is very important for your new baby and for your other children! ( If you are traveling for your newborn session, we will discuss arrangements for your older children that works for everyone.)


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